Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Instructions

Is the GM Layoffs and Unemployment Center IVR for You?

(1) If you are from a plant covered by the AutoSUB Program, generally, you will not need to use the IVR.  Your check will be sent to you automatically.

(2) You must fill out a paper application if you are applying for:

  • Any week more than 60 days old
  • Any partial week application with S&A, Pension or Workers' Compensation (WC) payments
  • Any week with a State Unemployment Compensation (UC) denial for a reason other than insufficient wages in the base period
  • Any week when you are receiving a non-company pension payment while working and still eligible for a UC benefit
  • Any layoff where your last day worked is a Sunday
  • Any week that your UC is from a non-company manufacturing state
  • Any salaried layoff benefit.
question.gif (2672 bytes)    How to apply for a SUBenefit Using the IVR
tree.gif  IVR Telephone Menu
check.gif   CHECK: Before you call the GM Layoffs and Unemployment Center IVR
  • Know your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Make sure that you have your UC determination or UC check stub
  • Be familiar with phone symbols

* asterisk
# pound sign

phone.gifGO: Call the GM Layoffs and Unemployment Center IVR at 1-800-584-2000
  • Use a  touch-tone telephone or rotary dial telephone
  • For TDD connections call 1-877-347-5225